Trainings, seminars, meetings

Trainings, seminars, meetings

It is possible to organize trainings, seminars or meetings in three different rooms in our farmstead: in the living room of Tii Nulk, in the fireplace hall of Tiigi Nulk and in the eating-house’s hall.

Tii Nulk
The living room with a fireplace has a pleasant academic atmosphere suitable for organizing of trainings, seminars, meetings or other respectable events. There is a separate entrance from terrace that is suitable for summer time. You may enter the living room also through kitchen which is divided in two by wood stove with heating wall.
It is pleasurable to chat in the second part of kitchen and to warm your „bones” on the heating wall.
Without presentation equipment, the living room accommodates up to 20 persons, with equipment – up to 17 persons.
Our local commune has used this room for its respectable receptions. In March 2002, a reception in honour of president Arnold Rüütel who visited Võru County was held here.

Tiigi Nulk
In Tiigi Nulk it is possible to use the fireplace room for this purpose, the room accommodates up to 30 persons. If also presentation equipment is used then the room can normally accommodate up to 20 persons.

Talli Nulk
The hall of eating-house is the largest room in our farmstead and it is able to accommodate up to 60 persons. The kitchen is located just near the hall, so you should consider this fact in certain cases. The hall is located on the 2nd floor, on the 1st floor there is dressing-room and 4 rest-rooms.


Trainings, seminars, meetings
Trainings, seminars, meetings
Trainings, seminars, meetings

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