Setomaa Tourist Farmstead

A frontier rest-home. Setomaa Tourist Farmstead is a frontier place of rest. According to our name, we are situated in Setomaa. But our official territory is Meremäe commune, Võrumaa county. In spite of changed boundaries and new official territorial names, Setomaa remains unchanged in people’s memory and heart. Setomaa Tourist Farmstead is situated in a real borderland, because just here in one and the same place the borders of Meremäe commune, Võrumaa county, Estonia as well as European Union coincide. And great Russia is behind the border. The only land that overcomes this border is Setomaa. Formerly there was a direct road to Pechory, the capital of Setomaa, but nowadays there is no passage here. The closest border checkpoint is in Luhamaa. Since we are situated so close to the border, it is not rare that somebody goes too close to the border or even passes it and gets lost. That’s why one should keep an eye on all boundary posts while staying here. Thus you shall spare your time and avoid adventures in local border guard as well as unexpected experiences in Russia with destination in Pechory or Pskov. Of course, there are a lot of sights in Pechory or Pskov, but we do not recommend you an excursion „Accidentally over the border“. So, please take a look at our offers.

A brief history of the farmstead. Setomaa Tourist Farmstead or Mäealodsõ Farmstead is already centenary. The farmstead has several times changed its owner due to various reasons, but nevertheless it has survived through the time. But unfortunately this does not apply to the buildings. Some day it was one of the richest farmsteads in the village having altogether seven buildings, only two of which have been preserved in somewhat changed form. In 1999 we started renovating and rebuilding the old living house. But at the moment we can say that we do not yield to former owner in the number of buildings.

The modern farmstead. It is a pleasant and calm place for a refreshing rest. A good opportunity to escape into the nature from everyday rush. Since the surroundings are silent and calm, wild animals may be often seen near the farmstead, and especially in the early morning hours. You may spend a pleasurable time near camp-fire grilling meat or sausages, you may listen to bird singing and forest sigh around the farmstead or on trip paths, you may go to sauna or go sporting. Persons with romantic nature may admire the sunset and wonderful starry sky at night and if you are lucky, then you may see the aurora. We offer you sauna pleasure in an ordinary Finnish sauna as well as authentic smoke sauna. In summer you can harden your body in spring water in pond /separate bathing place for children/ and in winter, if whether allows, also in an ice-hole. It is possible to study ancient handicraft – loom weaving, band weaving and so on. Here you can also buy authentic Seto handicraft. Besides all other activities, you can visit the sights of Setomaa, become acquainted with interesting and peculiar history and culture of Seto, also take part in local events. You can compose suitable excursion routes around Setomaa independently or with our help. Culture prospects may order performance of leelo singers, with whom it shall be interesting on talk about Seto culture and traditions. Seto school children are ready to perform their songs, dances and shows for all persons interested. Also tradition of tasty Seto food is transferred from generation to generation. You may organize open air meetings in our farmstead (there is a lot of space for campers around the farmstead). In a cosy fireplace hall you may conduct seminars and trainings.

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